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Your Student's Home Away From Home

Choosing the perfect living accommodations for the four most important years of your student’s life has never been so easy! Here at 320 West Mag we offer a Genius Location, close to school, dining, and sporting events with security and amenities that are beyond compare. Contact our Leasing Center to schedule an in-person or Facetime tour today!


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Our community is located 10 steps from Ginn Concourse and a quick sprint to Toomer’s Corner on Gamedays! With our genius location, conveniently next to Auburn University, we offer a unique combination of independent living while enjoying the Loveliest Village on the Plains in its entirety!

We offer individual leasing for each resident and bedroom. Your student will only be responsible for their rent and utilities – they will not be responsible for their roommates’ rent or utilities.

Our community offers controlled access and after-hours security personnel every day. You will also be able to reach our on-call management team to assist with your student’s needs.

Yes, you will complete the roommate section of the application process before signing the lease contract that will request information on your year in school, social habits, study habits, and interests.

320 West Mag is fully furnished. Your student’s bedroom comes with a full-size bed, two stackable chest of drawers, a side table, a desk, and a desk chair. You will only need to bring your bedroom décor such as bedding, curtains, a shower curtain etc. Living rooms are fully furnished and include a 55-inch TV.

Underage Leasing

If an applicant is under the age of 19 on the date the application is submitted, a parent or guardian over the age of 19 must sign as the lease holder on their behalf.

Step 1: Submit an application, online or in person, to the leasing office with the parent’s or guarantor’s information, with the exception of the “Roommate Profile.” Complete the “Roommate Profile” with the underage applicant’s personal preferences.

Step 2: Sign, initial, and date each page of the lease contract with the parent’s or guarantor’s information.

Step 3: Complete and sign the Guarantor Leasing Agreement.

Step 4: Submit a request to the leasing office for the underage applicant to be added to the lease as a “child occupant.”

*Once the resident turns 19, contact the office to update the lease agreement.

Please be aware that accommodations are limited and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. When a Lease Agreement is signed – the application does not reserve your space. If you need assistance or have questions during the leasing process, please contact our leasing office at 334.451.3201.